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About us

Eliza Pepperpot & Co Ltd was born out of a family tradition whose links with food go back three generations. My mother bred pigs; so yes, it was inevitable that one day I would find myself with the same deep - rooted passion that she had about food. For my mother shopping was about looking at meat in butchers shop windows or checking out the vegetables in the market. Meals at home were hearty but simple and full of flavour there just wasn’t the money around for anything fancy. It was home cooking at its best, and that’s what this business is all about.

The global menus were inspired by my experience of living and working in the Middle East as well as travelling extensively around the world.  Firstly, it was an experience to see the vast array of produce I had at my fingertips and how other cultures looked upon food. Secondly, tasting dishes and ingredients I was unfamiliar with and experiencing a first class service that has stayed with me ever since.

Good food is about where it comes from and that is the ethos of our business. We source all our produce locally when we can.  It is our priority to ensure that all our meat comes from farms that retain high animal welfare standards this way we can be assured of good quality produce that has great flavour.  Then there’s the fruit and vegetables, grown locally with a choice of organic produce dependent on your own preference; we are not solely specialising in organic produce but are giving the customer that option based on their own principles and choice.

Then there are the celebration cakes. The cakes are made with free range eggs, milk and cream as well as the finest quality flour - all are locally sourced which means our customers can be assured of freshness and traceability of the products.

Searching for the best produce sometimes means that we have to look further afield. For instance, European cold meats such as Prosciutto or Italian Salami but the emphasis is always about quality. The same with the chocolates we supply, all are hand-made using specialist “bean to bar” producers. One thing I will say about taste it’s as unique as the individual; we can’t experience the taste if we don’t at least try it for ourselves, but that’s simply down to choice.

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