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Purely British

Tea Sandwiches
These are wonderful for a cocktail party something you can eat with no mess and no fuss.
Our platters come as either small, medium or large. Prices on the menus are based on a medium platter.

Roast Ham Tea Sandwiches
Served on a choice of breadincluding:  wholemeal, seeded or simply crusty white, served with peas- pudding or English mustard (optional).

Roast Chicken Tea Sandwiches
Free Range chicken roasted, sliced and served on a selection of breads including: wholemeal, seeded, or simply crusty white, served with tarragon mayonnaise (optional).

Roast Beef Tea Sandwiches
Selected finest organic British Beef locally sourced, served on a choice of breadincluding: wholemeal, seeded or simply crusty white, served with horseradish sauce (optional).

 Cheddar Cheese Tea Sandwiches
Finest mature cheddar cheese locally sourced from the region, served on a choice of bread including: wholemeal, seeded or simply crusty white served with onion or chutney (optional).

Free Range Egg Tea Sandwiches
Free range eggs locally sourced served simply on their own, hard-boiled on a selection of home-made breads including: wholemeal, seeded or crusty white, or served with mayonnaise (optional).

Tea Sandwich Selection
A selection of tea sandwiches from the above.

 Open sandwiches are also available and include:

Scottish Smoked Salmon
Wild Scottish smoked salmon served on home-made seeded brown bread accompanied with crème fraicheand a twist of horseradish& dill.

Goat cheese topped with a tomato salsa
This is served on seeded brown bread with a drizzle of the finest olive oil (optional).

Cheddar and celery
Served on wholemeal, seeded brown bread or crusty white and topped with chives or apple (optional).

From The Bakery                    

Cheese and Onion Flan
 This is made with mature farmhouse cheddar,locally sourced from the region, with finely sliced onions in a crisp pastry case.

Cheese and Broccoli Flan
 This is made with mature farmhouse cheddar locally sourced, with tender broccoli in a crisp pastry case, topped with a grating of delicious red Leicester cheese.

Cheese Tomato and Cumberland Sausage Flan
This is made with the finest Cumberland sausage and ripest vine tomatoes, topped with a grating of cheese and fresh Thyme (when in season) in a crisp pastry case.

Mini cheese scones
Home baked cheese scones; choose from a selection including:  cheese , made with the finest mature cheddar, locally sourced and accompanied with rosettes of butter (optional);  chives,  fruit  scones and speciality cranberry and orange scones. Sweet scones can be served with fresh cream (on request).


Mixed green salad
A combination of fresh leaves and herbs including: rocket, lambs lettuce, endive, raddichio with herbs such as chervil, basil, parsley and tarragon (when in season).

Old - Fashioned Potato Salad
 This is a classic dish that has a combination of flavours and texture that includes whole grain and Dijon mustard, celery, red onion and fresh dill (when in season).

Green Green Salad
A vegetable salad with a difference:  made with broad beans, green beans, mangetout; finely chopped onions and mint, served with a mint vinaigrette dressing - full of flavour and crunch -
ahealthy alternative.

 Curried Chicken Salad
This is a dish that reflects the Indian influences on British cuisine. It is mildly spicy and sweet - not too overpowering, using fresh free range chicken ,raisins, spring onions, mayonnaise and cashew nuts (contains nuts).

Dessert Selection

Mini Cake Assortment including:

Rich Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting
These are rich and moist.  A decadent treat!  (Contains Nuts).

Coconut Cupcakes
These are light and fluffy.  Heavenly!

Plum Tart with Walnuts
A plum tart that has a crisp pastry case made with walnuts and beautiful ripe plums cooked with a crumble topping (contains walnuts).

Lemon Bars
A lemon delight - the tart citrus compliments the sweetness of the filling.

 These are buttery and crumbly - an old favourite.

Cheese Board
A selection of British Cheeses sourced from around the British Isles.
Prices will be on Application and choice of cheeses.


A choice of side dishes available, prices will be given on application and include:

Pickled onions

Pickled gherkins

Hand-cooked crisps

Fresh vegetable medley with dips

Roasted cherry tomatoes with herbs

Oven baked potato skins with a sprinkle of either:
Sea salt & cracked black pepper,
Smoked paprika
Mild chilli

For price lists and further information please contact us on

T: 0191 4147071 or email:

We look forward to hearing from you.