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Eastern Spice

A selection of Pitta or flatbread servedwith a selection of dips (see dip selection).

Lamb & Filo Cigars
Made with Filo pastry and filled with a spicy filling of minced lamb (when in season) or beef and spices; this is classic street food of Morocco.

Spicy Prawns
With the main ingredients of prawns, garlic, paprika and cumin with the addition of red chillies seared over a high heat makes this a worthy rival to the popular garlic prawns.

Potato & Pea Samosas
Light and crisp filo pastry with a filling that is sweet, spicy, tart and buttery – these cocktail snacks are ideal with drinks – a classic Indian snack.

Spiced Potatoes
Potato wedges tossed in spices baked or fried - ideal with meat or simply on their own.



Bulgar wheat is a wheat grain that is highly nutritious and used in this classic dish from the Middle East. Tossed in mint and parsley with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions and a squeeze of lemon juice it makes a delicious salad or can be served with chicken or fish.

Middle Eastern Vegetable Salad
Known by its classic name Fatoush, this is another classic dish from the Middle East. The chickpeas make this a very hearty dish with lots of fresh herbs - parsley, mint and basil. These herbs work well with the feta cheese, cucumber and tomato that are also part of this salad.

Curried Couscous
This dish is full of flavour with spices from the East, dried fruit, onions, flaked almonds and herbs (contains nuts).

Beetroot and Cumin salad
The cumin in this salad adds another element to the dish which brings out the flavour of the beetroot – another Moroccanfavourite.

Tomato and Preserved Lemon Salad
This salad tempts the palate with its varied flavours of preserved lemons, onions, paprika and herbs like coriander and parsley – an ideal accompaniment with chicken or lamb.


Orange Scented Rice Creams
A north Indian dessert made with orange zest and cardamom(contains nuts).

Sesame Cookies
Sesame seeds are the star of these delicious biscuits. Served with coffee it is an ideal end to the evening (contains nuts).

Watermelon Juice with Rosewater
The rosewaterin this drink brings it alive - a non-alcoholic alternative to end the evening.

Lemon Lassi
This is a fragrant and refreshing drink from India - a healthy alternative.

A choice of side dishes available, prices will be given on application and include:

Hot Chickpeas
A street food of Morocco, this dish is a staple on its own. Cooked in olive oil with onions peppers and chopped coriander. Delicious served with warm flatbread.

Broad Bean Dip
A delicious dip, served with warm flatbread

Olives with Lemons and Herbs
This dish is best served warm, and by cooking the olives in boiling water it sweetens them. Olives, garlic, cayenne pepper, lemon zest and juice, tossed with coriander and parsley.

A Middle Eastern classic we all know well.

Cucumber and Mint Raita
A perfect dip to cool the palette.

Dip Selection
A choice of dips are also available, prices will be given on application and include: 

Cucumber and Mint Raita


Broad Bean Dip

Mango Chutney

For price lists and further information please contact us on 07842 424 555. We look forward to hearing from you.