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Simply Continental

Finger Food

Selection of Bruschetta
Bruschetta are slices of white crusty French bread brushed lightly with olive oil and a rub of garlic which is optional,and baked in the oven until crisp. These small crusty bites are tasty and make the ideal hors d’oeuvres.

Bruschetta with Peppers & Gorgonzola
Peppers, capers and basil and a little melted Gorgonzola make the ideal Mediterranean bite.

Tomato, Feta & Basil Bruschetta
Basil, tomato & shallot salsa topped with feta another twist on a Mediterranean bite.

Blini with Smoked Salmon
Blinis are little buckwheat pancakes that make the ideal finger food. We serve them with only the finest Scottish smoked salmon and/or caviar on request at an extra charge.

Crostini with Tuna Tapenade
This is a classic Mediterranean combination of Tuna, olives & lemon zest added to which is mascarpone, that  certainly makes all the difference to this hors d’oeuvres;  served on French bread, and  lightly brushed with olive it is must with a chilled glass of wine .


Lamb Sausage in Puff Pastry
Lamb sausage (when available) wrapped in all butter puff pastry with a twist of Dijon mustard. The lamb sausage can be substituted with either, a very good quality pork sausage, Toulouse sausage or Merguez – a spicy Moroccan sausage(on request).

Cheese Straws
Freshly baked all butter puff pastry with cheese an ideal accompaniment with cocktails.

Goat Cheese Tart
Goats cheese with herbs, garlic, basil & shallots in a crisp short crust pastry case. 

These little savoury triangles are a must with cocktails, or as a starter - a savoury bite of spinach, feta cheese, parmesan cheese & pine nuts. A Greek classic! (contains nuts).

Savoury Palmiers
Often called elephant’s ears because that’s what they look like, they can either be sweet or savoury. This savoury hors d’oeuvres is simple yet delicious. An all butter puff pastry baked with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, feta & pine nuts – they’re simply irresistible (contains nuts).

Soppressata in Puff Pastry
Soppresata  (an Italian spicy Salami) and Gruyere cheese baked between two sheets of all butter puff pastry with a twist of Dijon mustard. The salami can be substituted with a good quality ham and cheddar cheese as another option.


French Potato Salad
This potato salad has no mayonnaise but rather a freshness of herbs and vinaigrette.

Mustard Chicken Salad
A delicious salad that combines chicken which has been roasted on the bone for the best flavour, broccoli florets, mustard (both Dijon & whole grain) and tarragon leaves. Tarragon isa herb that has a very mild aniseed like flavour, which compliments the dish.

Celery, Walnut & Parmesan Salad
This is celery served with a difference - not just for dips or to crunch on. In this Italian dish it is appreciated for what it is – a delicious ingredient in its own right. Chopped finely with a lemon vinaigrette, walnuts and salty parmesan it makes the ideal accompaniment to cold meats or served on its own with crusty French bread (contains nuts).


Pesto Pea Salad
This salad is a combination of peas, pesto, spinach leaves, toasted pine nuts and parmesan - healthy and full of flavour (contains nuts).

Tomato Feta Salad
Cherry tomatoes and Greek feta tossed with finely chopped onions basil and parsley.


French Apple Tart
Sweet apples on a light all butter puff pastry base.

These are little rich pound cakes in the form of a shell, they can either be plain or with coconut – a bite-size treat to end the evening with.

French puff pastry: “pate a choux”, known to us as choux pastry filled with fresh cream and covered with a chocolate sauce.

A sweet pastry made with cream cheese sugar and vanilla, filled with sugar, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts and apricot preserve. As an alternative they can be made with raspberry jam or simply with nuts and raisins -ideal with coffee to end the evening (contains nuts).

Cheese Board: A selection of European Cheeses
Prices will be on application and choice of continental cheeses.

A choice of side dishes available, prices will be given on application and include:

Sundried - Tomato Dip
The intense flavour of sundried tomatoes, spring onions and tobasco makes it the ideal dip to have with crackers and crudités (fresh vegetables).

A classic Greek dip made with cucumber, garlic and fresh dill. A cool and satisfying alternative - great with pitta as a dip.

A selection of cold meats from Europe served on a platter with olives. Prices will be on application and choice of meats.

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